Being Yourself Makes The Greatest Impact

Graphic -Being Yourself

I had stopped into Pet Supplies last night to pick up some cat litter for my house kitties.  Walked over to the aisle and began reading the many prices and sales that were displayed for cat litter. As I was shopping, trying to make a decision, a young woman (employee) walked up to me and asked me if I was finding everything ok.  I sighed. Groaned. Finally my words rolled off my tongue.  “I am just trying to make a decision”.  She said, “Can I help you with that?”.  At first, I was thinking, yes you can help, by just going away and leave me to get this done.  Then I stopped, and my thoughts shifted. 

My week and day had been yet another challenging one and over filled with too much activity. It was the last day of the week, I was on call at my driving job, and I was running weary.  

I got up from my crouched position near the floor, and said, “Yes, you can help!” “Where are all the litter bags or boxes that are on sale?” “Do you have any of those in stock?” 

“We don’t”, she said. “Some lady came in and bought them all up”.  It was about 5 shelves of different litter, all gone, all on sale.  “Bought them all up!?”, I asked her.  A young man at the end of the aisle way was stocking and said something to the young woman (which I didn’t hear) that was helping me . She repeated it to me. “She had 8 cats”, another woman who also worked there, was joining the conversation.  “8 cats, that’s allot of cats!”, I said. “Probably a rescue”, I said.  The two women nodded their heads. The other woman disappeared into the back room, and the young courteous woman stood near, determined to help me come to a decision. 

 “8 cats, ok, well, I have 4 cats, so I guess I can’t say too much about her having 8 cats!”, as I chuckled at my on awareness.  Chattering on,…..“2 house cats, 2 barn cats,”, I said, “Course I didn’t want those  barn cats. “They just show up at my barn”, I said. 

Starving to talk to someone and enjoying this young woman and how helpful and kind she was, I began to tell her the story of Kichi and then Mr. Mustache.

I just got a new cat, that I did not want, I told her.  He showed up at the barn one day, and I did not feed him for 2 days. I was hoping he would go find another barn. He was very friendly but was very skinny. When I laid my hand on his body, I could clearly feel every detail of his rib and his spine. 

I am single, I don’t need or want another mouth to feed. I’m struggling as it is!  I need someone to rescue me, not rescue yet another cat! I laughed at my predicament. She laughed along with me.

Then I said to her, “Find a man and get married!”. “And make sure he has money!”  And if you love him too, then great!”  “But find someone who has money, you DO NOT want to be single!”  I laughed, and then my face became stern and solemn. I looked directly at her.  “I am serious”, I said. She said, “Oh I know, my dad tells me the same thing”.  “Really!”, I said.  “Well listen to your dad!”.  We laughed it off and then I went on to tell my story of Mr. Mustache. 

2 days passed, in my hopes he would go to another farm.  Then my whole body slumped, and softened in demeanor.  “But I couldn’t do it”. “I couldn’t turn him away and he became mine”.  

But, it didn’t stop there, I told her.  For he was a male and needed to be neutered.  I told her that is the first thing I plan for, as I had done with my other barn kitty.  I get them neutered or spayed.  “No more kittens”, I bellowed at her.  She smiled and agreed with me.  Listening intently with her body moving to each language my own body spoke. From the emotional expressions of weary, to the frustrated, to the kind hearted. She just had this great energy about her, I couldn’t resist.  

I continued on to tell her he needed to be neutered, and I really didn’t have the money for another cat. But, there he was, I had taken him on, and he was just irresistibly cute. I said, “they choose us, these cats that come from who knows where”.  My other barn cat was probably dumped, and I believe she was a housecat, before she was a barn cat. She too just showed up one day in the barn. She wasn’t as starving as Mr. Mustache was, and she had no issues, plus when I took her in to be spayed, she had already been spayed.  Her heart sank, as I told her how they had probably been dumped. I told her, that most farms take on cats that just show up one day. They choose the people and the farm, whether feral or friendly. The young woman’s face lit up with delight, as she heard of the stories of my barn cats and the lives on a farm. 

I began to wrap up the story, as I felt I had taken up enough of her time and I had to move onto the next duty of the night.  “Do you want to hear the best part of the story?”, I said.  I told the story of Mr. Mustache on my FBook page, and the struggles I had taking care of yet another cat.  I just did not have the money to do it all.  And I had to have him neutered, soon! So, two people from my FBook page donated the money so that I could get him neutered.  “Isn’t that awesome!”, I said, “They did?!”, she said. “That is so wonderful!” “You don’t know how much that means to me!” “It restores my faith in humanity”.  “I know”, I said.  She put her hand to her chest, and she almost shed a tear of joy, by the story of Mr. Mustache. “That means so much to me”, she said. “You don’t know how much that meant to me”, she said. “Especially today and how the world is today”.  I said, “I know”.  “I am so glad the story of Mr. Mustache helped you!”.  Now you can tell others on your FBook page all about a woman who came into the store and told you of the story of her barn cat, Mr. Mustache.  She smiled and offered to carry my cat litter I just purchased, to my car.  

The impact of one cat, Mr. Mustache upon my world, my Fbook world and the world of this young woman.  

But, in the moments following this simple exchange of conversation with this young woman, and the story of Mr. Mustache, I realized, it is not the # of followers I have, or how many people I know in the society of life, it is the impact I make in the world around me.  It is just being myself that I make that impact.  And with no expectations of what I should or should not be doing, as I ran a simple errand, I was able to be myself, and tell the story of being myself. All from a cat that chose me, simply because I am who I am.  And in this story of Mr. Mustache I realized that is when life is at it’s best. When I am just being me, doing what I do, with no expectations of the moments.  Living life, as I live it, being me. 

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright Feb. 24, 2018

All Rights Reserved



Let Love Prevail!

Image -Faith Hope Love

My senior cat (Lexi) is partially blind and deaf, in addition to having Vestibular disease (similar to Vertigo in people), where balance is a problem. She lost her long time cat companion (Thea) of 16 years, nearing 2 yrs. ago.

After Thea passed on, Lexi became extremely needy and dependent. She cried for hours and hours, while I was home and when I was gone, and through the night as I slept not far from her. I did all I could to comfort her, but the crying continued. I thought perhaps after some time had passed she would improve, but she continued to cry no matter my efforts to comfort her.

A year and a half passed, and the crying continued. I decided to get a new kitten, in hopes that it would somehow comfort Lexi, and be a solution to her crying.

The kitten arrived and Lexi was not very accepting of the new kitten, but the crying stopped.

Lexi’s home is a smaller apartment that allows enough space for wandering, or enough space where I can disappear out of her sight, and she will cry wondering where I have gone. I come to her field of vision, to let her know I am here, still by her side. For, I can only imagine, how scary it must be to her to live in her world where she exists in near silence, and where her vision is limited. For over 17 years she has been my companion, and I hers.

Even though I have done my best to comfort her in her crying days and nights since her companion passed, it was not till this week, that I truly understood the loneliness and devastation she must feel, when I am all she has left in this world.

She lives in this silent world, with not being able to see me at all times, she cries out, unknowing where I am, awaiting for me to return to her side. Despite the limitations of her world and her not knowing where I might be, or if I will return, she lives a life of consistent routine, her only true security.

With this experience one might realize there is a quiet understanding that there is nothing visible or audible to be known of one’s future, there is only one thing left, the inner knowing of faith.

As Lexi cries out to me, in fear she has been left, amongst the blindness and in her silent world, I wonder how many others of this world are left in the seclusion from others, and there is no one to answer their call. How many oI those truly understood the fear she must feel, each time I disappear out of her sight. For she has no understanding of faith. I am all she knows.

So, I stand now, sometimes recognizing a world that does not always answer our cries. Yet, if I can not walk away with anything else, I can know that I was there to answer many calls of those that called in distress.

For in the end, all we have is what we have done to make this world a better place for others, and ourselves, along with the memories of those moments. Whether they are humans or the animals that grace us with their presence upon our journey here.

We can offer light to those in darkness, and open our hearts to listen to those who have had silence in their world. Whose cries have been left unheard.

Create a world for others, and yourself, where the light shines in. Where hope thrives, faith lives, inner strength perseveres and love prevails!

*faith | fāTH | noun1 –complete trust or confidence in someone or something:

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright Jan, 14, 2018

All Rights Reserved

Winter’s Night

Image -moonlight in winter

In the cold of a winter’s night (11 degrees and falling last night), I arrived at the barn.

Dressed like a mountain man from head to toe. My boots crunched against the worn snow path to the barn. The kitties came out to greet me, stretching from being nestled in their warm beds.

I went at a slower, more relaxed pace to feed, finally being able to enjoy the company of my equine friends. Unhurried with the usual busyness of life and work.

It was time to get back in routine with Maya again, working on her Parelli games and circles. It was so incredibly quiet. Not a noise could be heard. The dead cold of winter echoed it’s name back to me, on this moonlite night.

Maya and I retrieved to the corner of the front paddock, where footing was by chance, still in good standing, for some circles at a trot. I was calm and I could feel likeness from Maya of this energy I had.

We played our Parelli games and did some circles, and she was just as quiet about my asking, as the night around us.

I then let out Jay, and we all walked across the untouched fallen snow in the front pasture. Maya willingly followed me and I encouraged and praised her with her forward movement.

The moonlight, so beautifully, offered light to our walk. The snow easily moved upon each footstep we took onto the earth’s bounty of goodness.

Across and around the front pasture we trekked. Maya and I leading the way, Jay following in our footsteps. All went so well, I took it further and went to the back pasture. The three of us creating a new path upon the freshly fallen snow. The moon lit up the entire pasture, as if the light of an angel had gleamed it’s beauty across this small patch of nature.

Upon the moonlit night, myself and my equines enjoyed the quiet company of each other, not a thought of it’s cold, but in awe of it’s beauty.

Copyright December 31, 2017

By Diana Wanamaker

All Rights Reserved

Into the New Year

Image -happy new year #2

Here we leap out of one year into another!

May the blessings of this year follow you into the next!
But most importantly of all, we are still here, alive and in this moment, ready to capture and experience the next!
For this, we give thanks, for tomorrow is not promised.

Happy New Year and well wishes to all of you!!

Most of all thank you to my followers!

Diana Wanamaker

The Soulful Answers to our Healing Journey

Image -scenary light thru tunnel of trees

What is amazing about the restorative flights of the healing journey, is what unfolds  in the discovery about oneself.

What can be incredible about beginning a healing journey, is how one discovery leads to another discovery. How those discoveries of attraction can so gently guide you towards a path, to offering a life that is of more light and less darkness.

Be amazed of it’s wonder, how things that you are attracted to, things that were just soulfully known within you, were actually leading you to this healing place (or person).

It seems we can become so busy with the work of ‘attracting’ goodness and light into our world, that we can forget to stop and look at what information is coming in, to answer that very request of attraction we originally were seeking.

Treading along on the busy round-about, there can be so much information coming in, too fast, a person can become confused on what is what. It is only in the quiet moments of our week, when that busy treadmill stops, that it becomes more clear what has come from our spirit and angel guides.

In this quiet momment of our week, discover there are several things throughout the previous years and months that were actually leading us to that point of discovery. That point that was there to answer the unanswered questions. The beginning of the solution.

It is all to easy to push them away, get confused, get overwhelmed, get stressed, go into survival mode, and those angelic answers become lost in the muddle of a minds thoughts.

They are persistent and continue to appear and when it finally becomes an awareness to us, it is like watching a flower unfold, it’s beautifully colored petals open and reach out for the warmth of the sun.

Recognize these moments, realize you are not alone, you never were alone. You are being guided all the while. Your questions were not disdainfully ignored, it is just  a matter to quiet oneself long enough to listen.

Although, it seems answers are not always a BAM, here it is, it is more like a soft, gentle ride to the solution. Too much, too fast for those big expeditions of life’s answers, would be like eating ice cream too fast.

Pay attention to that what you are attracted to. Those attractions that come calling to your spirit again and again. Spend less time and energy trying to ‘do’ all the laws of attraction and pay more attention to what is already in place. The soulful answers from the guides that are already there by your side, brings you closer to your hearts yearnings.

By Diana Wanamaker

Nov. 19, 2016

All Rights Reserved

A Night on the Farm

Image -barn with horse at night

After I had finished feeding the horses, my gelding, Jay walked out to the darkness of the night. Maya (my mare) remained in her stall. I grabbed my stool and took a seat to begin my meditation. When I closed my eyes the sounds around me became more apparent. The steady crunching of Maya eating her hay and the soft landing of her hooves hitting the stall floor whilc she walked about her stall, on some given moments.
My mind is chattering, trying to quiet my thoughts. I open my eyes and see Kichi (barn kitty) perched on the hay, next to my side.
I close my eyes again, to once again attempt to quiet my thoughts. I find peace in knowing, even though Jay walked out to the pasture out of Maya’s eyesight, she remains quiet and calm from her stall. I find peace in knowing the warm glow of light from the barn. In this peace there is the knowing that each of my animal family freely has found a comfort in their place on the farm as the day has come to an end.

As I slow down my racing thoughts, I could feel the tension of the week being released.

I sit in mediatation for several minutes and then I feel a presence near. I open my eyes and glance over at Kichi. Her eyes are clearly fixed on something. I turn around to face the front of the barn and there is the tom cat, that appears for a visit from time to time.  When I turn, he doesn’t move, but surprisingly, lays down, and tucks his front legs close to his body. Lying on the ground without any fear. He looks like a Lynx with the mane around his face. He lays there, with no concerns of my movements.
The movements, the noises, the choices the animals bring about, all in the night, speak the language of a night on the farm.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright November 4, 2017

All Rights Reserved

The Favors in the Roller Coaster Ride of Life

Image -roller coaster #3

Life is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you are at the top of the hill. So very high that you feel as if you can reach the sky. You breathe in the moment of exhilaration and every cell in your body can not ignore the beauty of these moments.

Down the hill you go, with a speed beyond anything you fathom. It is exciting in these blissful moments. Not knowing, just trusting all will be well in your descent.

Then comes the coasting along. The ever secure moments of just floating along in life without any hills to climb. No barricades, no drama, no life changes. Just life as it is in the moments. Taking in all that you have been blessed with and enjoying the tranquility of coasting along.

Without warning, without planning, without any knowledge your coaster goes off track and crashes. Like a ton of bricks. You look back, forward, all around in shock. Wondering what happened. What could I have done differently? What decision did I make that brought me to this crash site? Is everyone ok? Am I ok? What will become of me? The questions of why become everything in those following moments. Devastation. Turmoil. Chaos. Uncertainty. Loss. Grief. Confusion. Surrounded by this life moment of what is much perceived as destitute.

But the coaster still lives on. There is no choice but to get back up, and rebuild what was lost. Perhaps you rebuild it differently this time. Perhaps you keep what works and the rebuilding of it restores your faith in the track again. Perhaps new doors open, and slowly your coaster finds connection with the track again. A new track, an old track, makes no matter, because there you are, in this moment, alive and well. You made it through the crash. There is no denying it.

Soon life blossoms again and you are able to coast along and enjoy the ride of your life at the top of the hill. That which motivates all of us to go on, to relive those moments that take our breath away. Those moments that offer no match.

Honor the moments of the roller coast ride of life. They are as varied as the actual roller coasters we choose to ride. It is this moment, these moments, that make up the tapestry of our life.

Laugh at them. Cry. Throw a tantrum. Jump with joy. Scream with anger. Sleep. Eat. Love. Pray. Give. Take. Remember gratitude. Change. Be humble. Enjoy it all!

Because this is what we get, the NOW.

And remember……This too shall pass…….

Hold onto the blessings that this roller coast ride of your life offers to you. Grasp them as if there is no other like them again.

By Diana Wanamaker

Oct. 22, 2016

All Rights Reserved