See and Honor your Gifts


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Everyone has unique talents & gifts and sees the world in a way none else does. Not everyone sees us in a way that is special. Seek out those that see how special you are. Distance yourself from those who only see you as less than, or only see the parts that don’t fit in.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright February 19, 2010

All Rights Reserved

Rejoice in Respite….along the sometimes weary path of life


The weekend has passed, yet I still enjoy the moments that restore my soul and spirit. It is no secret of what that is for me. And here at the Zen farm it is easy to do.
I feel as if I am that rescue horse that has endured much abuse, hatred, and all that equates to negativity. That which kills the spirit and offers little hope. To walk that path for myself was enough, but to watch as Jay sufferd too through all those boarding places only added to the hopelessness I often felt.
There were even times when giving up was, I am embarrassed to say, a passing thought. But Jay kept me going. All that he endured thru his life was undeserving. Yet here was this gentle, sweet horse that was forgiving and offered his funny sense of humor and his loving self to yet another human being.
How could I give up on what message he clearly offered to me.
Just when I thought I could go on no longer and what seemed to be a path with no end, I found relief. The Zen farm that offered peace and tranquillity to more than a decade of abusive barn owners.
So now I replenish my spirit and remind myself of Jay and how he once again offered love, trust and forgiveness from his abuse and neglect. So, as I remember all we have been thru, I work on flushing out the emotions that no longer serve me and learn as Jay has. To once again offer love and forgiveness to those who have done us harm. Wish them well and rejoice in the respite joy that the spirit of the angels has endowed me with a farm where we both can find renewed hope. Gratitude fills my heart today.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright February 17, 2017

All Rights Reserved

Reblog -Growing Your Blog

Blogging is now a viable career option and there are endless examples of bloggers who have monetised their site to the point where they can quit their 9-5 job and live the dream. Consequently, the bloggosphere (blogisphere? blogosphere? There really should be some clarification on this) is filled with ‘Earning Reports’ (which I often ignore), […]

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Free Your Soul


We ride to free our souls.
We choose horses and a life with them to free our souls.
Otherwise we remain captive like a prisoner in a cell.

It calls to us till we answer it’s cry
Until we fulfill it’s inner yearnings
It will forever feel as if we have not lived
Our life as it should be
As it has spoken to us in it’s whispers
In all it’s directions

It does not stop
Till we answer it’s call

When we touch the life it brings
Take in the aroma of that life

Ride along as one with this majestic beauty
Feel the switch that turns on the energy inside you
Like you are alive
And free

No longer captive
to the chains of all that kept you from it

Ride like the wind
Free Soul

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright Feb. 18, 2017

All Rights Reserved

The Bittersweetness of Grief


On Valentine’s day we celebrate love, yet mine still aches for the love I have lost, as well as celebrate that love that lives here with me and in memory. Death has a way of awakening life into any emotions and thoughts that have been unattended to. It also can bring new perspective’s into the life that is present. Viewing it’s mysteries, along with its path and quest to continue on with a life and all it has to offer, while honoring what has passed, as well as what may never come.
Lexi and I are doing better, as the day’s pass by. I have joined the living again, and been busy with life and work. Busy has a certain appeal after a death. It anesthetize’s the feelings of grief and the overwhelming desire to just stop moving. It also has a propelling movement that keeps life in motion. As the busyness stops, what is unattended to in grief, allows it to be again. As the busyness starts again, it offer’s the movement and sweetness of life and all that is to come.
Lexi cried for Thea non-stop, thru the night for over a week. She was glued to my side each moment I was there, crying each time I could not pay attention to her. I held her and cuddled her and talked to her of where Thea was, and that she will never return in physical form, but that her spirit is always near. Lexi did not understand this thing called death. All she knew was that she was alone. She cried when I left the house. My neighbor told me she cried each time, but would quiet down after a few minutes. Each time I am out of her sight, she cried and whaled like a Siamese does. (they have this very distinct and loud cry). Once I was in her sight, she toned down her cry and then cried for my constant attention. She still wanders the apartment looking for Thea and crying for her. But each day she has improved. She now sleeps on my bed at night, which was what Thea had done for years. She slept by my side each night, taking up the whole other side of my bed.
So, bit by bit, day by day, we each grieve Thea, but also move on.
Grief is what it is. It’s visit and all it encompasses is no stranger to me. Allowing, honoring and releasing all that it brings. Enjoying all the new perspectives it brings to living!

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright Feb. 14, 2016

All Rights Reserved



Compassion is an important aspect of loving that evolves as a result of feeling loved. To have compassion means to deeply understand and feel tendernes for others based on who they are, as distinct from what they can do for us. It is a very sacred capacity and one that defines our humanity. It is imperative that, as a species, we find our way back to the compassionate state that will guide us in balancing the “light” and “dark” elements of our character.

By McCormick’s, PhD

Feeling Connected


Was catching up with paddock clean-up today, with Jay (my horse) next to me, quietly munching his hay.
He stops eating, goes over to the pitch fork leaning against the fence and knocks it over. Then begins moving it around on the ground with his nose. I start laughing at his humorous antics to get my attention. He moves a few steps towards me just taking in my laugh, offering both of us a needed break. His head moves close to me, as our eyes meet. I take my hand and very gently stroke his chin and whisper sweet love to him over and over again. His eyes become heavy, and I begin to feel the weight of his chin settle into the palm of my hand. I close my eyes to meditate briefly and take in this moment. I hear the whistling of wind thru the trees, and feel the breeze blowing the whisps of my hair across my face, ever slightly tickling my nose. We both relax into the moment. Sighs of release. Connected with nature and each other. Taking in the comfort and familiarity of each others company.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright January 25, 2014

All Rights Reserved