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Image -cat who has lived hard life.

By Diana Wanamaker

They placed him outside of what he once knew as a home. A home where he was kept warm and loved by a family of his own. One day they packed their belongings up and drove away, never to think another thought of him again.
Bewildered and cold he was forced to survive on his own. The streets offered no comfort or support and his heart sank, as the days passed and there was no return of his family. It was each to his own out there and hunting quickly became a way of life for him. The landscape of the city bellowed sounds of a place with no soul. Guns shot off, sirens screamed and more than we will care to know became his new world.
For 2 yrs. he lived at this home, waiting for his family to return. And what I am about to tell you next will leave you with little hope of humanity, but his spirit and will to survive will offer inspiration.
A neighbor, one day, watched as a man took a shovel and repeatedly hit him over the head. They took his broken body to a Vet and reported the individual who had brutally beaten him. His skull had been cracked open and he went thru thousands of dollars of cost. $6,000 was his ending vet bill and his life renewed by a Vet that is unknown. They called him “Miracle”.
His new life began at Guardian Angels shelter and he was adopted to a new family. A family that loves and adores him. He lives safely now, and today has a forever family.

*A story I rewrote from a story I had heard about. The origin I am unsure of.  The picture is not the actual picture of the cat mentioned in this story.