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Dreams of Yesterday

Image -dreaming of a man from my past

By Diana Wanamaker

I had a dream last night. One of those dream’s that are so real you want the moment to last forever. A vivid recount that is so real, that it is only upon your wakening that you realize it was a dream. A dream that you carry with you thru the whole day and you can’t shake the memory it brings to mind.

Sweet kisses, heartfelt goodbyes’, gentle whisper’s of love to each other, hugs that warmed the soul, laughter that bellowed echoes afar and smile’s that will forever be imprinted………

I dreamed of a man that was once a part of my life. We started out dating, the dating part fizzled and it developed into a long friendship that went on and off over a span of 20 yrs. Adventure and excitement were the first allure to him. He was as we all know some men to be, a ‘bad boy’. He was charming, charismatic, funny and handsome! The kind of man that women would line up at the ‘kissing booth’ for and pay out their last $1 to get a kiss from him. Despite his irresistible charm and his long line of women, we remained a part of one another’s life thru many changes and life’s trials and tribulation’s.
There is a certain freedom to having a man as a close friend without the romantic pressure or expectation’s. Being able to talk to one another about what only most women friend’s share between each other. The companionship in-between our own romances. He was my knight in shining armor when I needed him, my shoulder to lean on when life got me down, a warm body to hold and hug when hugs were not in such abundance, and a friend to laugh and have adventure’s with. And adventures we had!
But as bad boys are, he was not someone you could always depend on, and it certainly was not without the heartache. But, it was not the dysfunction of the relationship I dreamed of, or thought of throughout the day today, it was the fond memories that left me longing for more.
We went our separate ways about 18 yrs. ago. He married many years ago and is happily married to the same woman today.
We have not spoken since then. Wishing continued well wishes and happiness to you dear friend.
There are certainly advantages to being single, and on most days I am perfectly content with it, but on occasion the loneliness swallows me up and the deep longing for what once was to come to life in the present measures larger then any given benefit of being single. Today was one of those days. This too shall pass and life today will once again be embraced and loved, as much as the memories of yesterday.

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Rainbow Bridge -Thea

Photo -Thea laying in sun


By Diana Wanamaker

Dearest Thea,

Her life with me began on Dec. 23, 1999 and our life together ended on Jan. 31, 2016.
She lives on in memory and spirit.

As time moves further away from the time you passed, I continue to grieve the absence of your companionship. Life calls as usual to continue with the business of living, but your memories are forever preserved. I recall those times that bring smiles to my face and warmed my heart. I understand your purpose in my life with more clarity, as I learn to fill the hole of what once was. I still have Lexi (my other cat) by my side and she too misses the only kitty friend she knew.

I come to remember all the times over the past 16 yrs. you were always there watching over me. Every night I loaded up my supplies and put on the layers of clothing to go to the barn. There you were to see me off. Each time you watched me leave. Each time you sat on the chair by the door till I returned. Oh, how I miss you being there. I remember how each night you came to sleep by my side in my bed. As I watched TV till I dozed off, you too would glare at the TV, as if you were enjoying the show as much as I was. When I was sick or sad or unsure of what life was to bring next, there you were by my side. My guardian angel, comforting me with your loyalty and steadfast love. You graced your love upon many other’s thru our life together. Giving your personality with playfulness and your quiet but cute frolics. The ever famous poses of character you offered to bring joy and laughter to my world. Stretched out and positioned as if you were a wire sculpture that was shaped for the mere purpose of laughter. There you were through each move, each life transition, loss, celebration and holiday. I will never forget how you would look into my eyes as if I was the most adoring being ever in your life now and forever. As a baby looks into the eyes of it’s loving mother, I felt your love for me each moment we glanced at one another. It was the last memory I had of you, as you quietly slipped away to a place where you can live young again!
Each time I remove a remembrance that you were here, my heart sinks and longs to see you again. Your bowl still sits where it always has. Each time I clean the litter pan, I am reminded you are no longer here with us. But thru pictures and memory you live on in my heart, never to be without the gratitude of how from that moment I found you in the pet store, you had already won my affection, and would for years to come.
I hope that I was more than enough for you. I hope that I gave all you needed more times than not. I hope that you forgive me for all the mistakes I made. For all the times I pushed you away from the busyness of time, when you wanted nothing but my warm lap to lay on. I hope you forgive me for my impatience at you, during times of stress and worry. I hope that you forgive me for any thoughts that did not serve your best interest and were merely thoughts of relief for my own self interest and financial worries. I hope that I was there for you more times than not. I hope that in your last days and hours I showed you as much love, devotion and loyalty that you offered to me all these years. I hope that wherever I lacked in your care and giving love, you now receive all of that and more in this place over the Rainbow Bridge.

With all my most sincere love,
your dearest friend and companion

Love forever and always,

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A Love Story

Jay with meisha 8-9-13

By Diana Wanamaker

I had recently moved my gelding Jay to a new farm that was filled with rescue horses. A large farm with over 21 horses and ponies combined, on 80 some acres. Having Jay in a large herd was his first time, and I was excited that he would be surrounded with so many horses, like horses are built to do. He was slowly introduced to the herd and finally released amongst all the horses and ponies. Days and weeks went by and he did not adjust well to being around such a large herd of horses. I would often find him a distance from the herd, in a separate pasture, or trying to join the pony herd. He was not fitting in too well and his stress was increasingly noticeable.
Left with no other options, we decided to introduce Jay to Meisha. Meisha was a sweet, senior, Arab mare that was kept in a small barn and pasture, with her goat companions. They followed her around like she was their mother. She had a neurological issue that would cause her to just fall to the ground, unexpectedly, and then would be unable to get herself up. It was due to her condition, that she was not let out in the pasture with the rest of the herd.
So, my sweet boy Jay and sweet, gentle Meisha were introduced. It was love at first sight. Each of them finding a place where they fit in, with each other. Together they formed their own herd, and together they would graze in unity, in eyesight of the larger herd. They found a place in their world, where they belonged, despite their handicaps and differences that made them slightly unusual from the crowd.

So began the love story of a 43 yr. old Arab mare and Jay, a sweet TH gelding.
She is so ecstatic to have Jay as a buddy, you will see her sometimes cantering in the field, to keep up with Jay, as if she is a young filly again!  Inseperable, they found unity from a world they were divided from.  Where Meisha was, Jay was. Where they were, the goats were close by. Together they formed their own world of togetherness and all was well.
Then, one day, Meisha and Jay were grazing on a hill, in the apple orchard. She had toppled over, underneath the apple trees and couldn’t get back up. There were people on the farm that would come out periodically to check on her, but sometimes it could take up to an hour before she was discovered.  Meisha layed on the hill waiting for help. Who do you think stayed by her side the entire time till help could come?  Jay.  Never leaving her side, till the farm owner found her and got her back up. Just like I knew he would.

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