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Ordinary People Who Lead With Extraordinary Living


Image -home on water

Imagine you are about to build your dream home. A home that will be filled with the finest materials and built by the finest carpenters and designers. Picture it in the most beautiful spot you have always imagined. It will be filled with love and family and happiness. The home of your dreams, that you have always sought after and imagined. Something that you have worked hard for to achieve and waited long to be a part of your life. It is a wonderful life with your new home and all the love and happiness that it took to build it, as well as keep it.
Life is replicated from the foundation of the beginning. Not everyone comes from a place of happiness, or love or solid lessons of how to build the home of your dreams. Some people come from rotted out wood, cracked foundations, roofs that leak and much more. People learn what they live. If a person learns to build a home with the finest materials of all and to fill it with love and happiness, that foundation from the beginning is much easier to replicate in life. If a person comes from learning about rotted wood, cockroach infested homes & tattered interiors, it is only natural to unknowingly seek more of it in life.

Image -home abandoned
When awareness strikes and realization hits that there is such a home, a place that offers love and the finest materials of all, they begin to rebuild that tattered past, into a brighter future of what they now know, instead of all they have learned from the foundation of the past. But again and again, the unhappiness seeps in. The lack of love continues to enter into their dream home of life.
Sleek, beautiful wood aesthetics look appealing and it appears that this is the one, this is it, this is the life they have been seeking. Only to find that the wood is rotten in the middle and once again, it falls apart into the foundation they had hoped to leave behind.
Happiness, wealth, dreams coming true, love and much of what so many of us seek in this place called life just does not come to everyone. Not everyone has come from a place of love or happiness or money. Building a life of all those beautiful materials is less likely to come unless there is a solid foundation to begin. One cannot build a home of their dreams on a weak foundation. One cannot build a home with rotted out wood or deteriorated brick.

Image -home abandoned
Oh, but what about that extraordinary person or person’s who have beat the odds! Those that have come from a foundation of nothing and built this life of amazing beauty. One that all inspire too! Possible, Yes, of course possible! However, if one were to enter into a gambler’s paradise, which person would you gamble on. The person with the shoddy foundation or the person with the solid foundation?
So now this extraordinary person is held with high esteem, considered a hero in the place of society. Their life offered no excuses. They did not quit when life got tough and the odds were against them. They made it through and now are a shining example to the world around them. Inspirational to tears! Followers crowd to see them, hoping that some of their success will be sprinkled upon their lives as well. People by the thousands inspire to have a life like theirs, to win despite the losses in their life, despite the failures and lack of love and support, everyone wants more of what this extraordinary person has done. They have built the home of their dreams, with less then perfect materials and repaired all the cracks in their foundation. Follower’s seek out their secrets and a stellar measurement of how life should be is put into place.

Image -rags to riches people
Everyone loves a beautiful story, everyone wants to see success, love, happiness, and be surrounded by positive people who win!

So those that struggle again and again to aspire to be all of that, keep falling into the cracks of the foundation. They are told, ‘get over it’, be more positive, read this book it will help you, work harder, find God, etc., etc. They are told about this extraordinary person and how they beat the odds, how they towered above all the broken materials of life to build the life of their dreams (and no doubt there are those who have).
So now, all those that do not match or are unable to achieve what this extraordinary person(s) did, are a failure. All they do is measured against those that have succeeded beyond the odds. Each time they are unable to become this person of success, they dig deeper and deeper back into the foundation they so desperately try to escape. The inadequacies are felt. The failure ensues. The hope diminishes. If they are unable to match those so extraordinary, then who are they? They are failures of life who are buried deep into the isolation of what society and other’s expect.
We are told don’t compare ourselves to others, yet society, people, friend’s, family offer those comparisons to us on a silver platter and their expectations offer little compassion if we fail to meet those standards.
Not all person’s lives can be measured by how much happiness, wealth, success, friends or even love they have in their life. Not all lives can be measured by merits, awards or even promotions. There are people out there that devote their entire lives to a cause and have little to nothing to speak for it. There are those that spend a lifetime helping and providing solace for other’s and are never recognized or rewarded for it. There are those that spend their entire lives seeking love, happiness and success and never find it. There are those that once lived a life of such dreams, only to lose it all.
Each house offers different beauty to life, even if it is unmatched to the grandest of all grands. Each person’s life offer’s value, even if their house is not built from the finest materials and it goes unmatched against all that other’s inspire us to become. Each life that differs’ beyond the perfect mold, matter too.

There are ordinary people who are doing and achieving extraordinary lives. Impacting others in positive and up lifting ways. Without wealth, or fame, or recognized for grandiose achievements (not to say there is anything wrong with that, just many of us are left behind if we are unable to accomplish that).

Image -ordinary people extraordinary lives

***From Huffington Post (love their stories!!), “12 Ordinary People Who Can Inspire Us In 2015”.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/05/12-ordinary-people-who-can-inspire-us_n_6348652.html

If we look closer into each life, we can see that the most interesting of lives, the ones built upon more character and charm, the lives that tell tall tales of how far they have come, make the most humble and inspiring lives of all!  It is most likely not the exterior that tells the life story, it is the interior of the inner life that tells the grandest stories of all.  For it is those lives that ripple beauty all around into a world that so desperartely cries out for it’s humility and grace.

Image -home river
“We all fit together to create this experience we call life. None of us can see the part we play or the way it all turns out.” (Amy Harmon)

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright August 28, 2015

All Rights Reserved

Dreams of Yesterday

Image -dreaming of a man from my past

By Diana Wanamaker

I had a dream last night. One of those dream’s that are so real you want the moment to last forever. A vivid recount that is so real, that it is only upon your wakening that you realize it was a dream. A dream that you carry with you thru the whole day and you can’t shake the memory it brings to mind.

Sweet kisses, heartfelt goodbyes’, gentle whisper’s of love to each other, hugs that warmed the soul, laughter that bellowed echoes afar and smile’s that will forever be imprinted………

I dreamed of a man that was once a part of my life. We started out dating, the dating part fizzled and it developed into a long friendship that went on and off over a span of 20 yrs. Adventure and excitement were the first allure to him. He was as we all know some men to be, a ‘bad boy’. He was charming, charismatic, funny and handsome! The kind of man that women would line up at the ‘kissing booth’ for and pay out their last $1 to get a kiss from him. Despite his irresistible charm and his long line of women, we remained a part of one another’s life thru many changes and life’s trials and tribulation’s.
There is a certain freedom to having a man as a close friend without the romantic pressure or expectation’s. Being able to talk to one another about what only most women friend’s share between each other. The companionship in-between our own romances. He was my knight in shining armor when I needed him, my shoulder to lean on when life got me down, a warm body to hold and hug when hugs were not in such abundance, and a friend to laugh and have adventure’s with. And adventures we had!
But as bad boys are, he was not someone you could always depend on, and it certainly was not without the heartache. But, it was not the dysfunction of the relationship I dreamed of, or thought of throughout the day today, it was the fond memories that left me longing for more.
We went our separate ways about 18 yrs. ago. He married many years ago and is happily married to the same woman today.
We have not spoken since then. Wishing continued well wishes and happiness to you dear friend.
There are certainly advantages to being single, and on most days I am perfectly content with it, but on occasion the loneliness swallows me up and the deep longing for what once was to come to life in the present measures larger then any given benefit of being single. Today was one of those days. This too shall pass and life today will once again be embraced and loved, as much as the memories of yesterday.

Copyright April 2015. All Rights Reserved

Hollows of the World

Image -Scenic path thru trees

By Diana Wanamaker

Bleeding with emotion
amongst the hollows of the world
Crisper memory
faded dreams
Valleys of sorrow
hills of obstacles
Stop the madness
seeking of love
In the hollows of the world
only moments change it forever
can’t go back
only live it now
Gone is forever
Nothing to lose
In the hollows of the world
Grasp the moment
Don’t let it pass you by
hang on there is love
to be found
Dreams to be called upon
Hills to tower on
Blue skys to vision
Sun rays to soak in
even amongst the hollows of the world

Copyright May 2012. All Rights Reserved

Dragonfly Visits

Image -dragonfly meaning

By Diana Wanamaker

Dragonfly Visits
Each day I arrived at home, exhausted and feeling beaten by the barn hunting. But each night for several nights a dragonfly sat on the frame of my front door. Appearing just at my eye’s view. And each morning as I left for the day, there sat that same dragonfly. His color was no longer of rainbows, but of a brown, glitter sheen. I looked closely at it and wondered why it chose to sit there, on my door for days to come.
Then another morning when I was feeding Jay and he was patiently awaiting for his next course, of his 3 course meal, there sat another dragonfly directly in the center of his face.
Feeling numb, tired and exhausted from the continued barn hunt, I still did not see the whispers of message the dragonfly was offering to me.
Once again, the dragonfly appeared around me, when I was tending to Jay and his needs, on a beautiful Indian summer day. One landed on Jay, and another fluttered around us.
It was then, that it dawned on me to investigate the meaning of these frequent and obvious visits of a dragonfly. It was in learning the meaning of the dragonfly, that I then knew it’s visits were offering me a message of hope. In that moment I knew that Jay and I were being watched over and all would be well.

Three days later from the last visit of the dragonflies, I found the barn of my dreams and continue to enjoy this most wonderful farm, to this present day.


Copyright September 24, 2014. All Rights Reserved

Internal Bliss

Image -rocking chairs on porch

By Diana Wanamaker

I dream of one day going away. Disappearing with no footprint’s left behind. Starting all over again. Meeting new people who know me for who I really am and who I am today, not of yesterday’s past. I dream of being around people who appreciate me for who I am, not who they want to shape me into being, and not what I can do for them. A place where people are kind, loving supportive and accepting. Tales may be told of yesterday’s past, but life is lived presently in the joy of the moment and the great promise of a bright future. Creating a whole new life with new friends and surrounding myself around people who are like family and accept me as that forever. A life where love wins over all. Relationships that are seen in 3D, not with the distance of computer’s and busy life styles. A time where fun is in abundance and I am adored by those all around me.
As I travel to find this place of bliss, I leave a footprint that is forever missed in the heart’s of those I encountered. People see me thru the light of a new day, and not of the darkness that once shadowed my world.
Oh, how nice it would be to escape all that around me and start again.

I have created this life before me by surrounding myself with people who needed help. I was there to offer my help, my support, my love and all they needed time and time again. I loved them as if they were my family, comforted them, as if they were one with me. I dreamed of them being with me forever. Sitting side by side in the quiet of the countryside, rocking away in our rockers, with our animals at our feet. In contentment we rocked. In peace we enjoyed each other’s company.
I envisioned a world where favors and support I offered to other’s would be returned when I was in need. I pictured the tug and tow of a boat alongside it’s dock. At times it pulled it’s rope tautly, and other times it came in close to relieve the tug on the ropes of it’s tied position. The waves rock it ever gently. Other times storms prevail and the nook of the dock and shore keep it safe and from harm.
As the years roll on and changes come about, I realize that I have surrounded myself with the ever daunting task of wanting to be loved and accepted by others, by giving and doing to other’s, time and time again. Only to come to this cul-de-sac in life to realize that I have been giving to so many who are not capable of giving in return. When life surge’s ahead, I have longed to have someone there to stand by my side, only to find that many I have chosen are friends that only arise during the sunshine of today. I dragged out this cycle of giving, seeking the return of love and support from other’s. Only do I find that I stand alone, with no one by my side, no friends to speak of, no one that cries out in acknowledgement of who I am or where have I gone, if I disappear. Soliciting for love and support, I only realized it is not all around that I must search for it, but it is within that I need to find it.

Copyright Sept. 2015. All Rights Reserved