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Ordinary People Who Lead With Extraordinary Living


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Imagine you are about to build your dream home. A home that will be filled with the finest materials and built by the finest carpenters and designers. Picture it in the most beautiful spot you have always imagined. It will be filled with love and family and happiness. The home of your dreams, that you have always sought after and imagined. Something that you have worked hard for to achieve and waited long to be a part of your life. It is a wonderful life with your new home and all the love and happiness that it took to build it, as well as keep it.
Life is replicated from the foundation of the beginning. Not everyone comes from a place of happiness, or love or solid lessons of how to build the home of your dreams. Some people come from rotted out wood, cracked foundations, roofs that leak and much more. People learn what they live. If a person learns to build a home with the finest materials of all and to fill it with love and happiness, that foundation from the beginning is much easier to replicate in life. If a person comes from learning about rotted wood, cockroach infested homes & tattered interiors, it is only natural to unknowingly seek more of it in life.

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When awareness strikes and realization hits that there is such a home, a place that offers love and the finest materials of all, they begin to rebuild that tattered past, into a brighter future of what they now know, instead of all they have learned from the foundation of the past. But again and again, the unhappiness seeps in. The lack of love continues to enter into their dream home of life.
Sleek, beautiful wood aesthetics look appealing and it appears that this is the one, this is it, this is the life they have been seeking. Only to find that the wood is rotten in the middle and once again, it falls apart into the foundation they had hoped to leave behind.
Happiness, wealth, dreams coming true, love and much of what so many of us seek in this place called life just does not come to everyone. Not everyone has come from a place of love or happiness or money. Building a life of all those beautiful materials is less likely to come unless there is a solid foundation to begin. One cannot build a home of their dreams on a weak foundation. One cannot build a home with rotted out wood or deteriorated brick.

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Oh, but what about that extraordinary person or person’s who have beat the odds! Those that have come from a foundation of nothing and built this life of amazing beauty. One that all inspire too! Possible, Yes, of course possible! However, if one were to enter into a gambler’s paradise, which person would you gamble on. The person with the shoddy foundation or the person with the solid foundation?
So now this extraordinary person is held with high esteem, considered a hero in the place of society. Their life offered no excuses. They did not quit when life got tough and the odds were against them. They made it through and now are a shining example to the world around them. Inspirational to tears! Followers crowd to see them, hoping that some of their success will be sprinkled upon their lives as well. People by the thousands inspire to have a life like theirs, to win despite the losses in their life, despite the failures and lack of love and support, everyone wants more of what this extraordinary person has done. They have built the home of their dreams, with less then perfect materials and repaired all the cracks in their foundation. Follower’s seek out their secrets and a stellar measurement of how life should be is put into place.

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Everyone loves a beautiful story, everyone wants to see success, love, happiness, and be surrounded by positive people who win!

So those that struggle again and again to aspire to be all of that, keep falling into the cracks of the foundation. They are told, ‘get over it’, be more positive, read this book it will help you, work harder, find God, etc., etc. They are told about this extraordinary person and how they beat the odds, how they towered above all the broken materials of life to build the life of their dreams (and no doubt there are those who have).
So now, all those that do not match or are unable to achieve what this extraordinary person(s) did, are a failure. All they do is measured against those that have succeeded beyond the odds. Each time they are unable to become this person of success, they dig deeper and deeper back into the foundation they so desperately try to escape. The inadequacies are felt. The failure ensues. The hope diminishes. If they are unable to match those so extraordinary, then who are they? They are failures of life who are buried deep into the isolation of what society and other’s expect.
We are told don’t compare ourselves to others, yet society, people, friend’s, family offer those comparisons to us on a silver platter and their expectations offer little compassion if we fail to meet those standards.
Not all person’s lives can be measured by how much happiness, wealth, success, friends or even love they have in their life. Not all lives can be measured by merits, awards or even promotions. There are people out there that devote their entire lives to a cause and have little to nothing to speak for it. There are those that spend a lifetime helping and providing solace for other’s and are never recognized or rewarded for it. There are those that spend their entire lives seeking love, happiness and success and never find it. There are those that once lived a life of such dreams, only to lose it all.
Each house offers different beauty to life, even if it is unmatched to the grandest of all grands. Each person’s life offer’s value, even if their house is not built from the finest materials and it goes unmatched against all that other’s inspire us to become. Each life that differs’ beyond the perfect mold, matter too.

There are ordinary people who are doing and achieving extraordinary lives. Impacting others in positive and up lifting ways. Without wealth, or fame, or recognized for grandiose achievements (not to say there is anything wrong with that, just many of us are left behind if we are unable to accomplish that).

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***From Huffington Post (love their stories!!), “12 Ordinary People Who Can Inspire Us In 2015”.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/05/12-ordinary-people-who-can-inspire-us_n_6348652.html

If we look closer into each life, we can see that the most interesting of lives, the ones built upon more character and charm, the lives that tell tall tales of how far they have come, make the most humble and inspiring lives of all!  It is most likely not the exterior that tells the life story, it is the interior of the inner life that tells the grandest stories of all.  For it is those lives that ripple beauty all around into a world that so desperartely cries out for it’s humility and grace.

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“We all fit together to create this experience we call life. None of us can see the part we play or the way it all turns out.” (Amy Harmon)

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright August 28, 2015

All Rights Reserved

The Underdog

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When someone comes from a place of dishonor, defeat, shame and/or failure they lose despite their efforts.

When someone comes from a place where no one believes in them, they fail. When someone comes from a place of no support, when all their bridges are burnt, when no one stands by their side cheering them on, they will fail. They will return to a life that comes easier then success, to a life of failure.

When disappointment is yet another result of an attempt at success, unworthy becomes their name. When the label comes to a place of unworthy, there is no place to climb to gain honor. All their attempts, all their efforts, their hopes, dreams and promise of a better tomorrow become lost. They are the forgotten ones, the one’s left behind, the one’s whose past, whose dishonor supersedes even their grandest efforts to break thru by whom all who have labeled them.

Do you know what is the number one reason and the only reason why those who have beaten the greatest odds and who have succumb the greatest challenges, become winner’s?

Someone, even if it is only ONE person, that stands by their side and see’s their potential, believes in the possibilities of who they can become, and forgets the dishonor of their past, or the multiple failures of their efforts. However, few will stand by such a person, for accolades of success are what people honor. They are the hero’s that stand with the plaque in their hands. They are the ones that flash their material rewards, and reap the financial affluence that stand in the favorable circle of recognition. Those rewards, those accomplishments, that financial gain, those gifts of reward are distinctive honor, acknowledgement of character & integrity.
Yes, those that achieve success, those that earned those rewards, they too have had set backs, they too have had what seemed to be unsurmountable challenges, or maybe even came from unthinkable beginning’s, they too have had failures.

But the difference between that crowd and those that come from a place of dishonor, is that they were eventually rewarded. They had steps forward, they had success, they were able to grasp and hold onto the promise of a new future with all their efforts.

The underdogs of the world, ones who had to climb out of the furrow of anguish far greater than any average successful person ever had to endure. The underdog, the little guy, the dark horse has come from a place of repeated years of failure, with no plaques of success, no money to line their pockets, and no one to stand by their side cheering them on. They are the loser’s of society. They are unwanted, unloved & un-supported. They too need someone to reach out to them. The underdog who is willing to climb the mountains of change and make their life one that is worthy and deserving of respect and honor. They just need a hand to help pull them from the suffering.

As they said in the story of “Seabiscuit”, winner’s are built to be tall and sleek, with superior breeding and superior training. They don’t come from small physique’s, who are taught to lose, and walk with a limp. They don’t come from having a jockey that is too big, or a trainer that is too old, or an owner that has no experience for the sport of racing.
It is a brutal, competitive world out there, where watching and protecting your back has become a way of survival of the fittest in the world of business. Anybody can succeed with all the right supports in place, and who come from a background of excellence. The more support in all categories, the more likely the success and with the least resistance.

Anybody can pick the shiniest penny, the most dazzling resume, the many high titles and degree’s of achievement. Take a risk on an underdog, a person who despite their efforts to change, continue’s to fail. They need just someone to grab them by their hand, and help pull them out of the hole that they continue to fall into, despite their efforts. Someone who believe’s in them. Someone’s who see’s their potential, not their black marks of failure.
Take a risk, chose an underdog, a defeated person and really make a difference in someone’s life.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright May 2015. All Rights Reserved