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Image -Scenary boat on peaceful water

Imagineā€¦.A peaceful unknowing of lessons to be learned. The mysteries of life yet to be revealed, much like slowly moving along a calm water’s canal. Hear the gentle splashing of the water against the side of the boat. Smell the air of the water, with it’s own distinct aroma. Feel the breeze against your face, as you cruise along at a gentle speed. View the passing landscape and the individuality of each home. Finding the flaws and the appeal to each passing space. Enjoy the harmonious connection and being in the present moment. No worries, no fears or anxieties, just pure life in that given moment. Water’s conductor that brings the ever sought after feeling of tranquility.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright August 30, 2014

All Rights Reserved



Go Beyond Everyday Life


By Diana Wanamaker

Sometimes you just need to escape and unravel the marvels of the world. Step beyond the boundaries of everyday life. Do what teases your mind. Unleash the fun, mystery and adventure of life! Live on the edge for a handful of moments. Sometimes all it takes is to walk to the cliff and look below, and imagine stepping off and flying away into an adventure beyond the mundane of life. Stepping over to the other side allows more perspective to the life that is lived. There is only today, this moment. Live it to the fullest! Do what calls out to you, even if it is for a handful of moments.

Copyright September 2015. All Rights Reserved