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The Sweetness of Grief

Photo -Lexi

By Diana Wanamaker

A celebration of love, yet mine still aches for the love I have lost, as well as celebrate that love that lives here with me and in memory. Death has a way of awakening life into any emotions and thoughts that have been unattended to. It also can bring new perspective’s into the life that is present. Viewing it’s mysteries, along with path and quest to continue on with a life and all it has to offer, while honoring what has passed, as well as what may never come.
Lexi and I are doing better, as the day’s pass by. I have joined the living again, and been busy with life and work. Busy has a certain appeal after a death. It anesthetize’s the feelings of grief and the overwhelming desire to just stop moving. It also has a propelling movement that keeps life in motion. As the busyness stops, what is unattended to in grief, allows it to be again. As the busyness starts again, it offer’s the movement and sweetness of life and all that is to come.
Lexi cried for Thea non-stop, thru the night for over a week. She was glued to my side each moment I was there, crying each time I could not pay attention to her. I held her and cuddled her and talked to her of where Thea was, and that she will never return. Lexi did not understand this thing called death. All she knew was that she was alone.
So, bit by bit, day by day, we each grieve Thea, but also move on.
Grief is what it is. It’s visit and all it encompasses is no stranger to me. Allowing, honoring and releasing all that it brings. Enjoying all the new perspectives it brings to living!

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Hollows of the World

Image -Scenic path thru trees

By Diana Wanamaker

Bleeding with emotion
amongst the hollows of the world
Crisper memory
faded dreams
Valleys of sorrow
hills of obstacles
Stop the madness
seeking of love
In the hollows of the world
only moments change it forever
can’t go back
only live it now
Gone is forever
Nothing to lose
In the hollows of the world
Grasp the moment
Don’t let it pass you by
hang on there is love
to be found
Dreams to be called upon
Hills to tower on
Blue skys to vision
Sun rays to soak in
even amongst the hollows of the world

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