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The Saints Among Us

Image -movie St. Vincent

By Diana Wanamaker

Though grounded in theology, validity lies beyond the walls of chapels and the followers that gather there. It is those that pass by us in our everyday life that define the essence of those that live their life with others in mind.  It is the ordinary souls that make deep commitments for simple things. They wear no medals on their shirts, carry no titles of honor, and are assigned no acknowledgment for the work they do. They walk among us each day, with no reward for their work.

They are your neighbor, the cashier at the store, the person who delivers your paper, the recovering drug addict, the introvert, the mentally challenged, those with no job, those with many jobs, those who are homeless, those rich and those poor. Oridnary people, going to extraoridnary lengths for the purpose of others.

The saints among us are also the least likely. They may live in unhappiness, or carry the bitterness and anger of the world gone wrong.  At first glimpse they may look tattered and worn. Their demeanor may shout out they don’t like people and people generally don’t like them.

Dig deeper and you will find more beneath the outer surface. They are saints that carry their hearts as guides. Deeply committed to the values that live within.  The presentation of who they are is not carried in the appearance, but only in their commitment to they’re saintly actions.

They do not allow the unfairness of the world, the harshness of the evil that takes so freely with no remorse…..to take their heart. Never let them take your heart!

The Saints Among Us……

  1. Do for others even when they don’t want to
  2. Never give up
  3. Speak up and be bold
  4. Stand up for themselves and others, so they might be heard
  5. Make sacrifices
  6. Take risks, even when the odds are stacked against them
  7. Are courageous
  8. Show compassion
  9. Offer humanity and care
  10. Give to others even when they have nothing to give
  11. Offer kindness even when they are unrecognized or unappreciated
  12. They don’t become what may have been a part of the hardships of their past
  13. They are heroic and brave
  14. Saints are human beings (flawed human beings)

Inspired by the movie, “St. Vincent”.

Here is a link to the speech in the movie that is heartwarming and beautiful, made by a young man in the movie.  https://youtu.be/wo1CYlRDz8g

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Life of Pi

Image -movie Life of Pi

By Diana Wanamaker

The Life of Pi – (movie)

One way I slow down and enjoy some down time is watching movies. I have always felt that movies offered much more than just entertainment (yes, I know there is much garbage out there to avoid when it comes to TV & movies. However it is like all life, it offers choices, choose wisely). They have offered me profound lessons, inspired many a writing, brought feelings of joy, hope and cleansed the emotions needing to surface. Stories told of those who made a difference and offered great positive energy to life around them and those they touched. Stories that have you rolling over in laughter, sitting on the edge of your seat, or leave you guessing the mystery of it all. But the Life of Pi, this is one movie (Life of Pi) that left me with an everlasting remembrance, offering life lessons of profound meaning and much beauty.

“Pi’s family owned a zoo, and Pi took great interest in the animals, especially a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. When Pi tries feeding the tiger, his father runs in and angrily tells him that the tiger is dangerous, and forces Pi to witness the tiger killing a goat to prove his point. Pi is raised Hindu and vegetarian, but at 12 years old, he is introduced to Christianity and then Islam, and decides to follow all three religions as he “just wants to love God”. His mother supports his desire to grow, but his father, a rationalist, tries to convert him to his own way of thinking.” (Wikepedia)

The storyline continues when a 16 yr. old Indian Boy who survives a shipwreck in which his family dies and is stranded on a lifeboat with the Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. He later tell’s his story to a novelist and reflects back on his journey.

His father teaches him that the feeling of friendship Pi trys to develop with the tiger is merely a reflection of himself. But Pi believes that the tiger does have a relationship with him, despite his innate instincts. At the end of his ship wreck journey with Richard Parker (the Bengal Tiger), he tells the story again about the tiger and how he knew there was a relationship with the tiger, that was beyond a mere reflection of himself. He just knew it! He couldn’t explain it, or prove it, but he knew it, he could just ‘feel’ it!
So, is each animal who crosses our path merely a reflection of our inner selves?
Is each person we connect with the same, a mere reflection of ourselves -our shining light as well as the darkness that lurks in each of us?
Or, is there truly a connection to each kindred spirit that embarks upon our path?
And where darkness lurks and people who are overcome by it and they too cross our paths, are they something that unknowingly keeps us alive, keeps us going for better, just as Richard Parker did for Pi, on his shipwreck journey?

There is no question in my mind that the connection I have had and do have with my animals in my life, is an emotional connection beyond the mere reflection of myself. Just as Pi knew it was for him. But, I couldn’t help but wonder about the shipwrecks in my own life and the Richard Parkers that offered much darkness. It kept me alive, kept me fighting for something better. And often offered me the most profound lessons and spiritual enlightenment, once I allowed myself the humility of the lesson.

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