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Creating the Extraordinary out of an Ordinary Life

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The muffled voice of my mom and dad in the yard. Close but distant echo of their voices. A perfectly shaped tunnel of trees covering a road I frequent to and from the barn. The small, white butterfly that flits so gracefully around the paddock ground. The sound of the chimes blowing in the wind. The rustling sound of the poplar leaves. The grave marker and the flowers that mark the memory of her life’s passing. The bending of the plants arms reaching towards the sunlight, with each move of the plant, it’s branches shift again to the light of day. The look of his eye, each wrinkle, each movement expresses an unspoken communication between the two of us. Truly hearing the story of another, as they tell it with such joy. Hugging your mother as if it was the last time. Watching the quiet breathing of my cat as she sleeps in undisturbed comfort and peace. The warm feeling of coming home after a long week.
Living present in the moments of an ordinary day in the life of an ordinary person. It is not how much you have, or the number in your bank account, nor the influential friends or how many friends you may have. Not how many books you wrote, or how long you have been married that count. For so few of us are so gifted to live the life of our dreams, or excel beyond mediocracy. So many of us seek that life of purpose, only to find we get lost in life’s shuffle.
It is the moments of your life that offer a profound awareness of being present. For it is the cultivation of those moments that make an ordinary life extraordinary!

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright August 3, 2106

All Rights Reserved

The Saints Among Us

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By Diana Wanamaker

Though grounded in theology, validity lies beyond the walls of chapels and the followers that gather there. It is those that pass by us in our everyday life that define the essence of those that live their life with others in mind.  It is the ordinary souls that make deep commitments for simple things. They wear no medals on their shirts, carry no titles of honor, and are assigned no acknowledgment for the work they do. They walk among us each day, with no reward for their work.

They are your neighbor, the cashier at the store, the person who delivers your paper, the recovering drug addict, the introvert, the mentally challenged, those with no job, those with many jobs, those who are homeless, those rich and those poor. Oridnary people, going to extraoridnary lengths for the purpose of others.

The saints among us are also the least likely. They may live in unhappiness, or carry the bitterness and anger of the world gone wrong.  At first glimpse they may look tattered and worn. Their demeanor may shout out they don’t like people and people generally don’t like them.

Dig deeper and you will find more beneath the outer surface. They are saints that carry their hearts as guides. Deeply committed to the values that live within.  The presentation of who they are is not carried in the appearance, but only in their commitment to they’re saintly actions.

They do not allow the unfairness of the world, the harshness of the evil that takes so freely with no remorse…..to take their heart. Never let them take your heart!

The Saints Among Us……

  1. Do for others even when they don’t want to
  2. Never give up
  3. Speak up and be bold
  4. Stand up for themselves and others, so they might be heard
  5. Make sacrifices
  6. Take risks, even when the odds are stacked against them
  7. Are courageous
  8. Show compassion
  9. Offer humanity and care
  10. Give to others even when they have nothing to give
  11. Offer kindness even when they are unrecognized or unappreciated
  12. They don’t become what may have been a part of the hardships of their past
  13. They are heroic and brave
  14. Saints are human beings (flawed human beings)

Inspired by the movie, “St. Vincent”.

Here is a link to the speech in the movie that is heartwarming and beautiful, made by a young man in the movie.  https://youtu.be/wo1CYlRDz8g

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