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Vignettes of Romance

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By Diana Wanamaker

They had laid down on the cushions, just inches apart from one another. The summer sun was spreading it’s abundance of light and warmth upon their bodies. Her tan body took in the rays of color. Her cover up was pulled up, revealing her upper thigh and the tan line. The gentle rocking of the boat from the water was a rhythmic lullaby. He laid next to her. They both dosed in and out of sleep, enjoying the lazy day of summer’s hypnotic ways. She felt his hand touch her leg. He gently stroked her soft skin. She could feel his desire for more. She enjoyed the comfort of a man who was greatly fond of her and their times together reaped the rewards of any good friendship. She could not resist his gentle touch. The heat of the sun with the serene sounds of the water’s movement against the boat were sedative. His strong hand followed the curve of her golden thigh, as he gently caressed her. Her drowsy state enjoyed the sensation, but her heart did not follow. It was misleading to him for her to continue, but his hand upon her body was difficult to resist……………..

The crowd was packed with people, elbow to elbow. The four of them had made a date to travel down to see the brilliant fire works display. He was just a friend to her and they had set up a date with their two close friends. Double date night. It was what she had always wanted, but she knew deep down that it was only a friendship between the two of them. Their friendship ensued, after their intimacy died, years prior. It was all in fun and adventure to be without the heavy burdens of their troubled lives. To be with friends and laugh and enjoy the closeness of one another’s company. So, she soaked in what was given, with mutual understanding that this was merely a friendship that would never go further than that.
He was handsome as ever, with his white t-shirt glowing against his tan, muscled body, his rounded buttocks so perfectly fitting in his faded jeans. It was just the warmth and security of his presence that brought contentment to her world that night. He often reminded her that he had no interest in her, in anyway but a friendship, and she respected his wishes. But her heart longed for more.
As the two of them pushed a path thru the crowd, with her in the lead, a very large man with a bandana around his head and the body of a weight lifter had caught his eye on her. Feeling daring and adventurous that night, she responded to his conversation. Her friend not far from her sight. She smiled in curiosity and engaged in the conversation, as this stranger spoke of how he had just been released from prison. The danger of it all allured her closer. This stranger made his way thru the crowd towards her, getting closer and closer with each step. But, before she could utter another word, she felt him pull her back behind him and he stood between the large man and herself. He knew what her curiosity had not seen, danger in the lurk. He acknowledged they were together and then he led her away from the precarious situation. She did not argue his decision, and from the moment he pulled her back, she knew she had gone too close to an element of danger, she should not have ventured to.
They slipped away and came close to the water’s edge, just in time to see the splendor of the firework lights! As they flashed against the star lit night, he came from behind her and held her in his arms. Whispering and laughing with one another, for that moment of time, she felt like she never had before. Loved, protected and safe from all of life’s harms. She could feel his strong arms clutching her body, as her head rested against his muscular chest. The smell of him was alluring and his tender touch was reassuring. Together they innocently held one another, lost in the entertainment against the sky scraper world, the water’s edge, and a starlit night………

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