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Image -Scenary boat on peaceful water

Imagineā€¦.A peaceful unknowing of lessons to be learned. The mysteries of life yet to be revealed, much like slowly moving along a calm water’s canal. Hear the gentle splashing of the water against the side of the boat. Smell the air of the water, with it’s own distinct aroma. Feel the breeze against your face, as you cruise along at a gentle speed. View the passing landscape and the individuality of each home. Finding the flaws and the appeal to each passing space. Enjoy the harmonious connection and being in the present moment. No worries, no fears or anxieties, just pure life in that given moment. Water’s conductor that brings the ever sought after feeling of tranquility.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright August 30, 2014

All Rights Reserved



Living an Awakened Life

Image -tree lined path

I had a vision that would come to my minds eye at will. It would visit over and over again in the years past. It was much different then a dream, for it would reappear as clearly as a picture on a wall, when it pleased. It was one of peace and tranquility. I could feel it’s presence, as if I was there. It had arrived in spirit, calling to me, to remind me it was of existence, yet it had not arrived in reality. It continued to remind me from time to time that it was out there and to not lose faith that one day it would arrive. I could feel it’s energy upon each visit.

The vision was of a white house that sat on the left side of the driveway. A door on the side of the house viewed a large grass pasture. With a tree that lined the other side of the driveway, near the fence of the pasture. To the back of the house the driveway continued and drove right up to the barn. The barn was one level, set far enough in back of the house for privacy, yet close enough to the house that it didn’t involve a long trek back and forth.

In this vision I saw a man. He often stood in different places on the farm, each time the vision came to me. I couldn’t place who he was or our relationship. I would continue to ask the question in the vision, “who was this man?”, “what relationship did he have to me?”. An answer would come in a sense of feeling. This man had no special relationship to me, except that he was important. He was a person that was helpful and he was a part of this experience. He posed no threat. Each time he was there when the vision appeared.

There also was a second vision that would appear that was different then the first. They didn’t seem to be the same place, yet the life they brought, seemed to be experienced as one. This vision was a driveway that was lined with big, beautiful pine trees. The pasture in back of the barn was a nice sized pasture that was fenced and along it’s back end there was a tree line.

It was often a still frame. With each vision it offered a different still frame. When I wanted, I could even access the vision. With it brought a sense of peace and hope.
Each time I had to hunt for a new barn for me and Jay, it would come again. I could feel it was there, it was out there, but I couldn’t find it.

It was just the other day, I realized the vision no longer came to me anymore. It was then that I noticed that the vision had become a reality. The barn I am at is the vision that visited me all these years. It was not exactly as it was in the vision, but the all around feeling did not differ. I knew then it had arrived in my world.

I regularly give my sincerest gratitude for this barn. I speak to Jay and tell him how wonderful it is, this place we have. Thru all we have been through together, we have been given a respite. The vision had arrived.

Jay and I had come home.
We were now living an awakened life.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright June 11, 2016.

All Rights Reserved