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Moonlit Glow

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By Diana Wanamaker

The sounds of the night during a moonlite glow. The barn is nestled off the road surrounded by woods and located near a lake. As I enjoyed the quiet, evening feeding with Jay, I heard the call of an Owl. I stopped to hear another answer it’s call in return. Then another location of the woods, yet another Owl called. The geese honked with an echo from the waters home. A duck sounded it’s presence, all within a late night’s end.
I had grabbed my stool to take in a meditation near Jay, as I listened to the many sounds of nature, accompanied with the rythmic sound of Jay contently munching on his hay. My visions of peace and tranquilty filled my minds space. Time passed and I was able to walk away with nature’s balance within my spirit.

Took a stab at the Poem version of my evening:

The sounds of the night during a moonlit glow
Nestles a barn amongst the woods and lake
Quietness fill the evening feed
As an Owl calls
Yet another Owl calls
From one location to another the Owl calls
Geese honking from a water’s home
A duck sounding it’s presence
Within a late night’s end
sounds of nature
and the rhythmic sound of a horses contentment
Visions of peace fill the minds space
Time passes and walks away
nature’s balance
Spirit renewed
on a moonlite glow night

Copyright April 2014. All Rights Reserved